Five Low Cost Ways to Stay in Front of Your Prospect.

  • Mar 10, 2020

Staying in front of your prospect after your meeting is important, aka (Top Of Mind).   If all you left was your business card and proposal, what happens if it gets filed away, are you out of sight too?  What if the sales cycle is longer than normal?   Bottom line, staying in front of your client is a must! 


Here Are My Five Low Cost Ways

You Can Stay In Front Of Your Prospect.


# 1  The Vision Grip Pen

    Full color imprint with the Gelike Eversmooth® hybrid ink gives an extraordinary          writing experience in black and blue ink choices for this plastic pen.  They will love        the writing experience.           



#2  Scotch® Lint Sheets 

Easily removes lint and pet hair from clothing and more! Specially designed cover helps prevent lint sheets from sticking to purse or pocket contents.  3" L x 4" W




#3   The adpen™, the pen 2.0. 

Print anything everywhere. Full color imprints on all 4 sides.   This patented shaped twist action pen w/stylus will always get your message across with MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!    

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# 4  Privacy 3 Pack 

Privacy 3 Pack includes a webcam cover 1.0,  Mic block and Data Blocker.

The Privacy 3 Pack provides high impressions while also providing privacy protection.  

security pack


#5. Coasters:   

Nine years ago I gave a friend a coaster set with my company's brand. Recently, I was in his office and saw that same coaster set.   I gained powerful real estate in his office.  He saw my company's brand when he was in his office, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day! How many days in a year, x 9.  They stayed there because they provided protection for his nice furniture.   I knew then how powerful coasters were.   A great investment.  




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